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Adaptable solutions for each individual client, reducing
CAPEX & OPEX expenditure.

Recruitment Process


JST Receives Client Requirements


JST sources, interviews and screens
potential candidates from the market


JST arranges face-to face interviews
with our client


Clients hire the selected candidate

What our Client Says


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We ensure our proposals are open book with our clients, so you know exactly what to expect. Our clients often find that we include services that many others charge extra for.
You can either provide the individuals that you would like us to manage under EOR services, or JST can recruit and manage on your behalf.
Yes, Employer of Record services can be applied to both local & foreign nationals, where both benefit from JST managed Human Resource associated tasks such as, Payroll, Medical Insurance and Tax Reporting (Personal Income Tax Declarations, Social Security contributions, Severance Pay etc) with only foreign nationals requiring immigration administration (Visa & Work Permit applications & renewals).
Thai Limited companies must hire four Thai staff members for every one non-Thai employee they hire. JST Group manages our headcount to ensure we always have sufficient staff to service all Work Permit quotas for expatriates. So if your company does not want to “fill desks” when there is no need for the extra staff just to meet that quota, then JST Group can provide Employer of Record / Outsourced Contractor services, where JST Group is the legal employer of your expatriate employee(s), and we subcontract them to work for you. It really is that simple.

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How may we assist you today? Interested in our products or services?

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